This year the math department has the privilege of piloting a new Math Curriculum that is aligned with Common Core Michigan Standards. Below is a link to the text that will be very useful. Within the link you may access the book:

Math Links/Resources

Awesome Math Sites

__National Library of Virtual Manipulatives__- Interactive math manipulatives
__Create a Graph__- create your own graph to visually represent your data.
Study Jams: __

Math Games-Cover all objectives

Math is Fun:
Math Playground:
Brainteasers: __

Math Vocabulary

__Math Vocabulary Flashcards__
Math Dictionary: h__ttp://
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Math Programs

(Require username and password)
IXL: ****
Study Island: __**Study Island**__
Think Through Math: __****__

Math Textbook Online

(Requires username and password)
6th grade- Holt Online: __


Place Value

Place Value Puzzler:

Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers Unit:
1. represent fractions using models,
2. simplify fractions,
3. find equivalent fractions, and
4. convert mixed numbers and improper fractions.
5. comparing/ordering fractions
6. converting fractions to decimals

Rational Numbers Vocabulary

Ascending, descending
Decimals, fractions, percents, whole numbers
Rational numbers
Improper fractions, mixed numbers
Negative, Non-negative
Equivalent, equivalence, equal, equality

Rational Numbers Online Resources

Understanding Fractions:
Fraction Video:__
Brain Teaser- Pie Pieces: __
__Basic Skill Practice Games____- Various fraction games. Great site!!!__

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers:
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers: __
Converting Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers: __
Improper Fractions Jeopardy: __

Equivalent Fractions/Simplifying Fractions:
Math is Fun, Lesson and Questions: __
Match Equivalent Fraction Models: __
Match Equivalent Fraction Cards: __
Finding equivalent fractions: __Fresh Baked Fractions game__
Simplifying Fractions Soccer: __
Tutorial Video, Equivalent Fractions, Khan Academy: __
Tutorial Simplifying Fractions: __

Ordering Fractions:
Fraction Number Line: **__**
Fractions on a Ruler Game: __

Converting Fractions and Decimals
Video, Math Playground: __
Video, Khan Academy: __
Fruit Shoot Game: __
Math Playground Quiz: __
Quia: __

Ordering Decimals:
Ordering Decimals with Place Value Chart Tutorial:
Ordering Decimals Game: __
Math is Fun, Ordering Decimals:
Popping Balloons:
IXL: Put decimals in order:
Brainteaser, Rainfall Records: __
Brainteaser, Swim Scores:__

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Tutorial- Comparing fractions, decimals, and percents
Put Fractions, Decimals in Order, IXL:

__Interactive Pie Chart__- Graph percentages
__Shopping at Troy's Toys__- Find percent discounts* (advanced)
Converting Percents to Decimals:

Understanding INTEGERS

This is How I Use Integers in Real Life:
Tutorials and Exercises, __
Practice, ixl:
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Multiples, Factors, Exponents

In this unit:
1. Differentiate between prime and composite numbers.
2. Name factors of positive integers.
3. Represent prime factors using prime factorization which includes the use of exponents.
4. Learn rules/tricks of divisibility.
5. Find the least common multiple and the greatest common factor within word problems. How to tell the difference.

Multiples, Factors, Exponents Vocabulary

  • divisible
  • composite number
  • prime number
  • integers
  • factor trees
  • exponent
  • base number
  • Multiple
  • Factor

Multiples and Factors, Exponents

Prime and Composite Numbers
__Prime vs. Composite Numbers: What's the difference?__

Prime Factorization
Factor Tree Game-

__Exponents__- explanation and quiz

Divisibility Rules:
Rules and Quiz:

Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor:
__LCM and GCF__- Math
LCM, Math is Fun:


1. Order of Operations
2. Adding/Subtracting Decimals
3. Adding/Subtracting Fractions
4. Estimating/Rounding

Operations with Fractions Online Resources:
__Adding Fractions__
__Adding Fractions Visual__
__Tutorial__- Step by step instructions
__Adding Fractions Tutorial__
__Practice adding fractions with unlike denominators__
__Soccer Shootout__- Funbrain game. Add, subtract, multiply, divide* fractions.
__Action Fraction____- Funschool game. Add, subtract fractions.__
Feast on Fractions
Fruit Shoot Adding Fractions:

Order of Operations Links

__Order of operations quiz__
__Order of Operations Quiz,given solution__
__PEMDAS Rap__
__Exploring Order of Operations Interactive__
__Order of Operations__
__Matching Game__
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Addition/Subtraction of Decimals
Decimals Cruncher:
Hoop Shoot:
Soccer Math:
Baseball Math:
Decimals Jeopardy Game:

Advanced- Multiply Decimals
Math Is Fun:
Decimals Cruncher:
Study Jams:

Ratio and Proportions

Vocabulary- Tables and Data
proportional relationship
input and output
ratio and rate
constant ratio
equivalent ratios

RATIOS- Activities
__Thinking Blocks-ratio word problems__
U__se cross products to solve for x.__
__Ratio Marbles__
__All About Ratios__
__Ratio Webquest- M&Ms__
__Golden Ratio__

How to set up a proportion tutorial video:

Similar figures: __
Similar figures PowerPoint:
Similar figures practice:
Similar figures cartoon blowup: __'em%20up%20cartoons.htm__

Algebraic Relationships

1. Coordinate Grids/Coordinate Pairs
2. Line Graphs
3. Proportional Relationships
4. Tables and Proportions
5. Writing Equations with Problem Situations

Vocabulary- Algebraic Relationships

Vocabulary- Coordinate Grids
coordinate plane, coordinate grid
coordinate pair

Coordinate Planes- Activities

__Coordinate grid GAMES__
[[@[3][2]|Graph Mole]]
What's the Point
__Locate the Aliens in Coordinate Graphs__
The coordinate plane practice:


Reading Measurement:

Shape Surveyor, Perimeter and Area: __
Perimeter and Area, Math Playground: __
Quia, Perimeter and Area, Rags to Riches: __

Composite Figures: __
Area of Composite Figures: __

Length, Weight, and Capacity Conversions Game:
==Probability Sites==
Math Goodies-Probability
Probability Games
__Certain and Impossible Events- Math Goodies__
__Interactive Adjustable Spinner__
Interactive Spinner: __
__Line Plots__

Organizing Data and Statistics

Coordinate Planes
__Coordinate grid GAMES__
__Graph Mole__
What's the Point
__Locate the Aliens in Coordinate Graphs__
The coordinate plane practice:

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
Vocab and Practice- Quia: htt__p://
Mode and Mean- Brainteaser: __
Tutorials and Practice- MathGoodies:__

Stem and Leaf Plot
Stem and Leaf Plot Tutorial: __

__Counting Raisins Activity__