The following calendar contains an outline of the daily assignments. Please note that is calendar is TENTATIVE and assignments may change without notice. Students are responsible for all daily work. Please use this as a guide, but feel free to double check with a friend from THE SAME HOUR regarding required work. This page is updated periodically.

Tuesday, September 3
CW: Create Name Tags, Snowball activity, Demonstrate on-line text book
HW: Have parents email Mrs. Konen (must have STUDENT FIRST AND LAST NAME as well as
HOUR in subject line) AND complete on-line text investigation worksheet (3 beneficial parts)


Wednesday, September 4
CW: Pass out syllabus and discuss overview; begin the Inventory Pre-Assessment. Collect on-line text
investigation worksheet.
HW: Have parents email Mrs. Konen (must have STUDENT FIRST AND LAST NAME as well as

HOUR in subject line)


Thursday, September 5
CW: Complete Pre-Assessment. Check Pre-Assessment. Discuss Commutative and Associative Properties.
Do Notes on Properties above; beginning video
HW: Have parents email Mrs. Konen (must have STUDENT FIRST AND LAST NAME as well as

HOUR in subject line)


Friday, September 6
CW: Finish video and notes. Practice Commutative and Associative Properties with colored blocks. Discuss and complete even or odd problems from worksheet in class. See link below:

HW: Complete the second half of the worksheet at home


Monday, September 9th

CW: Check Worksheet on Communitive and Associative Properties from weekend. Begin worksheet on how to apply and solve Communitive and Associative Equations. Do evens/ odds in class; complete other half at home. See link for help:

HW: Complete worksheet at home. Please bring in one box of Kleenex or one box of anti-bac. wipes.

Tuesday, September 10th
CW: Group work to check worksheet and complete before submitting. Opener for 1.1 on worksheet
Notes on velocity/speed work. See link below:


HW: Bring Kleenex/ inform parents of Curriculum Night/ Study VOCABULARY quiz F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!

Wednesday, September 10th

CW: Complete 1.2 on Velocity and Speed. Begin Absolute Value discussion. See class video below:
Silly Cartoon:
Practice Exercises:

HW: P. 6-7, 1-41 ALL. Please bring in one box of Kleenex or one box of anti-bac.wipes for the class.
Quiz Friday.

Friday, September 13th:

CW: Students will be taking the NWEA. The will receive their regular math quiz as a take-home. Must be completed before Monday.
HW: Take home Quiz. Tuesday's worksheet
Monday, September 16th:
  • Finish NWEA in computer lab. HW: Remind students that worksheet w/signature due tomorrow.
    Remember: the formula for finding the area of any quadrilateral is Base x Height Remember: the units for any area must be squared
  • Start Chip Board discussion. Play Toss and Solve
  • HW: Students will need to find vocabulary for : zero pairs, opposite numbers, deposit, withdrawal, additive inverse
  • Quiz Friday on Adding Integer, Number Lines/Chips, and Vocabulary

Tuesday, September 17th:
· Dive into adding integers using number lines and chips
· Collect Worksheet with Parent Signature. Watch video links.
· HW P. 7 and 8
· Quiz Friday on Adding Integer, Number Lines/Chips, and Vocabulary

Wednesday, September 18th:
· Check P. 7 and 8; Take notes on Adding Integers
· HW. P. 9 and 10
· Quiz Friday on Adding Integer, Number Lines/Chips, and Vocabulary

Thursday, September 19th:
· P. 12, 1-39


Monday, September 23:
CW: Notes on subtracting integers; Video Links; practice chip from page 15
HW: Complete P. 15 at home.
*Please note that your child WILL need a ruler (or straight edge) for constructing lines; free-handing is not accepted
Tuesday, September 24 :LATE START DAY please refer to Mr. Clinkscale’s Bulletin
CW: Correct various problems from homework; introduce number lines; have students construct number lines for problems on page 15.
HW: Complete number lines at home
Wednesday, September 25:
CW: use white boards for quick assessing; Do Page 16-17, #1-12; demonstrating the “v-form” A.K.A. “inverted pyramid” when solving multi-step expressions
HW: P. 18, #1-32 (# 27-32 must be shown using v-form)
Thursday, September 26:
CW: Read P. 18-19, in class. Complete P. 19, #33-49 small group setting or as a large group (student choice)
HW: Complete the mock quiz sent home via attachment (look for one by Tuesday). Study for quiz.
Friday, September 27:
CW: Quiz
HW: A review worksheet will be sent home; needs to be completed by student over weekend and signed by parent. Signature verifies that all work is completed, organized and of7th grade quality

Short video tutorials are below for review subtracting integers from the week:

Monday, September 30
CW: video and notes on multiplication/division of integers; 1.4 journal entry
HW: Bring a deck of cards to school on Tuesday. Get parent signature on last Friday’s WS if forgot. Begin vocabulary terms: Factor, Product, Dividend, Divisor, Quotient
There will not be a quiz Friday. Monday will be the first TEST over Chapter 1
Review site for TEST PRACTICE:

Tuesday, October 1
CW: Check add/subtracting WS from Friday (parent signature a must). Complete page 15 in journal. Receive quizzes back from Friday (correct errors). Play war with cards applying integer rules. White board quick assessment.
HW: Play war with parent for 10-15 minutes tonight. See attachment for rules. Must have note verifying the winner(s) for credit.

Wednesday, October 2
CW: Journal entries P. 17-22
HW: WS 20/23 work must be shown on loose-leaf papers where indicated
review session will be held during recreation/lunch for students earning a C- or lower on last Friday’s quiz. Students have been notified on their quiz if they are expected to come

Thursday, October 3
CW: Check worksheet. Create board games applying all concepts throughout Chapter 1.
HW: Work on assigned responsibility from group; work on mock quiz

Friday, October 4
CW: Play other groups’ board games as review for TEST MONDAY
HW: Study and complete mock quiz

October 7th, Monday:
CW: Chapter 1 Test
HW: P. 34, #7-10 and P. 37, #23-25, and P. 38, #11-12
**Please check to ensure your child has copied the questions, then recopied with the substituted values in for the variables, then solved

Below is a video link that may help

How to Evaluate Algebraic Expressions:

October 8th, Tuesday:
CW: Notes on changing fractions to decimals; Journal Entry P. 25-27; Group Activity #1
HW: “Try it Yourself” page 43, #1-8

Below is a video link that may help

Writing Rational Numbers as Decimals:

October 9th, Wednesday:
CW: Notes on changing decimals to fractions; Journal Entry P. 23-24; Begin worksheet 39-40
HW: Work 20 minutes on worksheet 39-40

Below are video links that may help

Writing Decimal as a Fraction:

Writing Mixed Numbers as Fractions:

October 10th, Thursday:
CW: Group Activity; Work on WS 39-40

October 11th, Friday:
CW: Work on sides 41-42 of worksheet; demonstrate Order Matters
Signature verifying that student had played with be required