Welcome Students and Parents,

I am very excited about the upcoming school year. My name is Mrs. Konen. I have had the pleasure of teaching at Berkshire for fifteen years. I have taught the mathematics and science curriculums for all three grade levels. My double majors were earned at EMU and my masters in Health Education through Wayne. I live in Northville with my husband John, two wonderful sons Nickolas (age 9) and Zachary (age 7.5). We have two Tabby cats named Oscar and Anna.

I want every child in class to succeed academically. To accomplish this, we need rules and procedures in the classroom. These are to ensure that each student's right to learn is not violated by themselves or by fellow students. Below is a copy of the classroom rules and procedures. Please read and discuss them with your child.

BUILDING ARRIVAL: Get organized for the day. Put your belongings in your locker. Gather materials for morning classes. Sharpen your pencils, get out your daily/homework. Be in your seat by 8:10. Listen to announcements.

ENTERING THE CLASS (including LATE/TARDIES): Enter the classroom promptly and quietly. Participate in all on-going activities. If absent get the missing work from a friend and find out what you had missed. Any tardies after the third will warrant a detention. Detentions are generally before school and decided upon by the instructor.

TRANSITIONS: Walk quietly and directly to new class. Use the restrooms and drinking fountains along the way. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Bring all necessary materials with you.